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Jesse Fenty Interviews Valencia Martin Wallace, Deputy Commissioner for Patents at USPTO

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, Jesse A. Fenty of Endless IP had the pleasure of conducting a fireside chat with Valencia Martin Wallace at the 5th Annual Black Blockchain Summit, held at Howard University in Washington, DC.

Jesse was already scheduled to participate in a Panel discussion regarding IP and Blockchain, then was contacted a few days prior to ask if he could interview Ms. Wallace. Unbeknownst to the Black Blockchain organizers, Jesse and Valencia were co-workers for a number of years at the USPTO. Not only co-workers, they were Examiners in the same Art Unit where Jesse was a junior Examiner and Valencia was a Primary Examiner.

Listen to this engaging conversation between Jesse and Valencia as they reconnect at the Black Blockchain Summit and discuss numerous topics related to Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Patent Office Procedure, Howard University, and Dr. Gary Harris, a giant of a professor who performed lasting work at the Universithy and beyond.

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