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Endless IP

Ideas are endless. Thoughts come from everywhere and nowhere. Ideas can turn into products and processes including images, machines, doohickeys, devices, software, apps, logos, business methods, widgets, clothing, accessories, makeup, perfumes, food recipes, thingamajigs, drink combinations, fashion, cars, art, etc.

How can these ideas be protected on the way to becoming products? Many people have heard of Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights, but few people actually understand how they work.

Endless Intellectual Property, or Endless IP, seeks to bridge the gaps in knowledge between ideas and successful businesses.


Our mission is to expose, educate, and inspire people to pursue intellectual property for their educations, professional careers and/or business ventures.

​Everyone has ideas. Everyone has talents. Endless IP will help people unleash their creativity and follow in the footsteps of successful business men and women who have used their ideas to fuel success. Not everyone will discover the next great invention, but few will debate the old adage that "knowledge is power." Let’s discover what we have in common and how we can work together to understand intellectual property and how it can lead to economic empowerment.

Our Team
Jesse Fenty pic.jpg
Jesse A. Fenty, Esq.

Jesse is passionate about education. An accomplished engineer and attorney, Jesse has a unique ability to break complex topics down into small, teachable parts. With over twenty years experience in  Intellectual Property, Jesse is on a mission to use Endless IP to bring IP knowledge to students of all ages. In the present era of constant technological breakthrough and innovation, the ability to create new products and services lies at the fingertips of many. 

Malik Drake, Esq.

General practitioner concentrating in the areas of intellectual property, criminal/traffic law, entertainment law, and juvenile & family law. Knowledgeable regarding various aspects of intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Tamra Dicus, B.Sc.

As a Chemical Engineering Patent Examiner, Tamra Dicus protects the interests and rights of the public and assists applicants in their pursuit of securing patents on their dreams. As for Tamra’s advice to students, “Stay focused on your studies freshman year. By establishing a work ethic and emphasis on academic excellence."

jerry joseph.png
Jerry Joseph, Esq.

With over 10 years of experience working as a patent attorney, Jerry helps inventors strategically prepare and file patent applications. As an inventor and entrepreneur, Jerry also help inventors understand the potential risks involved in investing in a patent, and often recommend ways to reduce costs.

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