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How Donated Funds will be used

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A key mission of Endless IP is to instruct aspiring entrepreneurs how to use Intellectual Property (IP) to protect ideas. Aspiring entrepreneurs cover all age ranges from middle school to professional. To that end, we use our curriculum to instruct students, inventors and business people how the IP system works. There is no substitute for legal counsel, but Endless IP aims to bridge the gap between layperson and attorney such that the inventor or small businessperson may help themselves as much as possible.

As an education company, we constantly conduct research in the Intellectual Property (IP) field to update existing content and include new ideas in our curriculum. Funds will be used to produce a dynamic array of classroom materials including books, handouts, and invention kits. Based on demand, we can scale our curriculum and exercises from middle school to adult. Donation amounts will be used for advertising and developing website content such as videos and blogs. For schools and educational institutions with small budgets, money will be used to pay for materials and class instruction. Regardless of funding Endless IP will constantly engage students and teachers in the classroom to develop the most effective curriculum and teaching aids. To these ends, donated funds will also contribute to personnel time and travel.

Endless IP will stage many events on our own and in collaboration with other groups. Events will include invention fairs, entrepreneurship panels, educational seminars, booths at conferences, weekend learning, and summer camps. Funds will be used to cover administrative costs associated with these goals. When appropriate, fees will be solicited from attendees.

One groundbreaking endeavor will be offsetting government filing fees for qualified inventors and small business people. For example, a Trademark application at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can cost $275 to file. A Patent application filing fee is $430 for a micro entity and $860 for a small entity. For many large companies that operate in the U.S. economy, these fees are minuscule. For a small inventor, these fees are often prohibitive. Because of these upfront costs, many U.S. inventors are left knocking at the door. Their inventions and business ideas do not get realized.

Some donated funds will be used to cover Endless IP local and state registration fees, website maintenance, administrative costs, and the like.

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